Trust, but Verify

Passionate about Risk Mitigation. 

licenses / credentials

  • LPI (Licensed Private Investigator)

  • CPI (Certified Private Investigator)

  • C.A.L.I. (Member)

  • NAPBS (Member)

  • Concerned CRA (Member)

  • Expert Witness

Tim grew up around the private investigation business.  Early in his career he had the opportunity to learn the business from his dad, Mike Santoni.  He was able to get involved in investigations, operations and management which allowed him to acquire the skills necessary to become a valuable resource to the team and clients.

He ran the insurance investigation practice while spending time working intellectual property cases.  As Tim continued to train and study the civil codes of procedure and the rules of admissibility that impact investigation strategy and evidence it allowed him to consult with clients and design creative approaches to even the most challenging cases.  His core focus was admissibility of the evidence uncovered to make sure it could used to support litigation and help clients obtain favorable outcomes.

In 2011 he took over as President/CEO of Santoni where he continues to innovate and lead the company.   Santoni specializes in supporting law firms in civil litigation (Employment Law, Insurance Defense, Intellectual Property, Family Law, Business Litigation).

Tim started the employment background screening division of Santoni in 2015.  In 2017 he rolled out the on-demand attorney services platform to Santoni clients.

Over the years Tim has testified as an expert in criminal cases involving intellectual property.  He also supervised thousands of investigations and prepared numerous reports and declarations.

Tim has been called upon to consult with attorney sand law firms an expert witness in cases involving intellectual property theft / infringement.  He is passionate about technology and how it can improve the client experience while maximizing efficiency within the business.  Tim is quick to study up on the latest cameras, gadgets, apps, drones and gear to support his passion for video making.

He enjoys playing golf and coaching his kids in baseball and football.  His favorite tech toy is the DJI Spark Drone.